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Semin Med Pract 
2005 ;8:1-11
Finding current best evidence in the care of a patient with possible pulmonary embolism: how to use evidence resources
Rambaldini G, Straus SE

A persistent challenge physicians face in practicing evidence-based medicine (EBM) is a lack of time to acquire, analyze, and apply evidence. Fortunately, several practical resources are available to support an evidence-based approach to clinical decision making. To optimize the use of available EBM resources, physicians need to understand how they compare in terms of their value for addressing specific questions as they arise in practice. This article illustrates a basic approach to finding current best evidence and highlights pros and cons of 6 online evidence resources. The article departs from the 5-step EBM process typically followed in this series and focuses exclusively on the first 3 steps (assess, ask, acquire), with an emphasis on selecting an appropriate evidence source and designing an effective search strategy.

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