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Semin Med Pract 
2001 Dec;4(4):33
Practice profiling in a continuity clinic, residents learn to make the grade
Nadkarni M, Carswell JJ, Voss JD

During their careers, most physicians can expect to encounter practice profiling, a method that is being used increasingly by managed care organizations to assess the practice patterns and clinical performance of individual physicians or physician groups. Because of the growing emphasis being placed on physician accountability, it is critical that physicians entering practice understand how practice profiling typically works as well as its potential benefits and negative consequences. To better prepare internal medicine residents for performance measurement, faculty at the University of Virginia Health System implemented a profiling program in the resident ambulatory practice setting, using hypertension profiling as a model. In this paper, the authors describe the process, benefits, and pitfalls of profiling in the resident training setting and offer recommendations for future profiling efforts at other institutions.

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