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October 2007 - Volume 43, Number 10

Clinical Review Article:
Diagnosis and Pharmacologic Management of Opioid Dependency
Emlyn S. Jones, MD, MPH, and Patrick G. O’Connor, MD, MPH

Review of Clinical Signs:
The Nephrotic Syndrome
Series Editor: Bernard M. Karnath, MD
Contributors: Mira T. Keddis, MD, and Bernard M. Karnath, MD

Case Reports:
Hilar Leydig Cell Tumor Presenting as Hirsutism in a 51-Year-Old Woman
Vinni Grover, MD, and Ambika Babu, MD

Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm After Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction
Venkata S. Gadi, MD, Deepak Thekkoott, MD, Chaim Kabalkin, MD, Adnan Sadiq, MD, and Mario Sabado, MD

Special Feature:  
“But Doctor, You Have to Do Everything!” Managing End-of-Life Ethical Dilemmas in the Hospital
David Alfandre, MD, MSPH, and John Schumann, MD

Rx Update:
Evithrom, Reclast, Risperdal

Infectious Diseases Update:
Vancomycin or Metronidazole for First-Line Treatment of CDAD

CD4 Counts May Normalize in HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Combination Antiretroviral Therapy

Klebsiella pneumoniae Type K1 Causes Ocular or Nervous System Complications From Pyogenic Liver Abscess

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Image Clinic:
Saddle Nose Deformity
Rashid Khan, MD, and Erik Maus, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Diagnosis and Pharmacologic Management of Opioid Dependency
Emlyn S. Jones, MD, MPH, and Patrick G. O’Connor, MD, MPH

Medical Musings:
Cure Ironic
Mahesh Krishnamurthy, MD, and Michael Schott, MA, MLS

Self-Assessment in Infectious Diseases:
Hepatitis: Review Questions
Varsha Moudgal, MD

Self-Assessment in Psychiatry:
Panic Disorder: Review Questions
William R. Marchand, MD

November 2007 - Volume 43, Number 11

Clinical Review Article:
Neuroendocrine Tumors: Review and Clinical Update
Adam M. Mougey, MD, and Douglas G. Adler, MD

Resident Grand Rounds:
Management of Preeclampsia
Series Editor: Mark A. Perazella, MD
Contributors: Meyeon Park, MD, and Ursula C. Brewster, MD

Surgical Patient Care Series:
Prevention of Surgical Site Infections
Series Editor: Kamal M.F. Itani, MD
Contributors: Stephen H. Gray, MD, and Mary T. Hawn, MD

Case Report:
Takotsubo (Stress-Induced) Cardiomyopathy in Two Women with Suspected Myocardial Infarction
Nizar D. Noureddine, MD, MS, Daniella Muallem Schwartz, MD, James Garnett, MD, and Robert J. Applegate, MD

Rx Update:
Azor, Evista, Taxotere

Infectious Diseases Update:
Long-Term Isoniazid Monotherapy Versus Short-Term Combination Isoniazid and Rifampin for Treating Latent Tuberculosis in Children

Prevalence and Long-Term Effects of Occult HBV Infection in HIV-Infected Women

HAART Dosing Errors in HIV-Infected Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Image Clinic:
Ingested Toothpick
Maqsood Khan, MD, and Stephen Deutsch, MD

Code Blue Stories:
Family Responses
Christopher R. Gilbert, DO

Self-Assessment in Cardiology:
Common Tachyarrhythmias: Review Questions
Rahool S. Karnik, MD, and Wen-Chih Wu, MD

Self-Assessment in Orthopaedic Surgery:
Shoulder Disorders: Review Questions
Benjamin J. Widmer, MD, and Patrick E. Greis, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Neuroendocrine Tumors
Douglas G. Adler, MD

December 2007 - Volume 43, Number 12

Clinical Review Articles:
Update on Pharmacologic Therapy for Secondary Stroke Prevention with a Focus on Antiplatelet Strategies
Kiwon Lee, MD, Carissa Pineda, MD, David G. Brock, MD, and Rodney Bell, MD

Surgical Patient Care Series:
Prevention of Perioperative Cardiac Events in Noncardiac Surgery
Series Editor: Kamal M.F. Itani, MD
Contributors: Haytham M.A. Kaafarani, MD, and Martin J. London, MD

Pediatric Rounds:
Fever and Seizure Activity in a 10-Month-Old Boy
Series Editors: Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD,
and Patrick S. Pasquariello, Jr., MD

Contributors: Win Boon, MD, and Amy E. Fleming, MD

Special Feature:  
Resident as Teacher: Practical Tips to Enhance Feedback on the Fly
Heather E. Harrell, MD

Infectious Diseases Update:
Resolution of Chest Radiograph Abnormalities in Adult Patients Hospitalized with Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia

Comparison of Micafungin and Caspofungin for Invasive Candidiasis

Hepatitis A Vaccine Versus Immune Globulin for Postexposure Prophylaxis

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Rx Update:
Doribax, Isentress, Ixempra

Self-Assessment in Internal Medicine:
Renal Involvement in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Review Questions
Carmelita J. Colbert, MD, and Edgar V. Lerma, MD

Self-Assessment in Pediatric Medicine:
Pediatric Hospital Medicine: Review Questions
Michael P. Lukela, MD

Clinical Review Quiz:
Pharmacologic Therapy for Secondary Stroke Prevention
Kiwon Lee, MD

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