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Past Articles in Hospital Physician
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October 2002 - Volume 38, Number 10

Clinical Review Article:
Cochlear Implants for Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Annelle V. Hodges, PhD, and Thomas J. Balkany, MD

Pediatric Rounds:
A 4-Year-Old Boy with Abdominal Pain
Series Editors: Angelo P. Giardino, MD, PhD, and Patrick S. Pasquariello, Jr, MD
Contributors: Muhammad Waseem, MD, and Mary T. Ryan, MD

Case Reports:
Löfgren’s Syndrome: A Clinical Variant of Sarcoidosis
Jeffrey C. Petrilla, MD

Arthritis Mutilans in a Patient with Psoriasis
Mubina Gaffar, MD

Acute Coronary Vasospasm Resulting from Sumatriptan Administration in a Patient with Raynaud’s Disease
John J. Plosay III, MD, FACEP, and Theodore X. O’Connell, MD

Outcomes-Based Practice:
An Active and Cost-Conserving Approach to the Management of Low Back Pain
Case Study and Commentary: Sheila A. Dugan, MD, PT, Denise A. Frost, PT, Kevin P. Sullivan, MD
Introduction by Series Editor: Bryan A. Liang, MD, PhD, JD

Infectious Diseases Update:
Effect of Low-Dose Hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone on Mortality in Patients with Septic Shock

New Bacterial Strains and Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Hand-Rubbing with an Alcoholic Solution Versus Traditional Hand-Scrubbing and Surgical Site Infection Rates

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Rx Update:
Eloxatin, Lexapro, Prevacid

Self-Assessment in Internal Medicine:
Primary Care Aspects of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Review Questions
Kenneth J. Smith, MD, FACP

Self-Assessment in Orthopaedic Surgery:
Shoulder Instability: Review Questions
Mark D. Miller, MD

Code Blue Stories:
A Final Telephone Call:
Robert F. LaPorta, MD

November 2002 - Volume 38, Number 11

Clinical Review Articles:
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Mark W. Russo, MD, MPH, and Ira M. Jacobson, MD

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Rashid Nadeem, MD, Tariq Abdelkarim, MD, and Gary A. Salzman, MD, FCCP

Primer in Drug Development:
The Drug Development Process III: Phase IV Clinical Trials
Bertrand C. Liang, MD

Review of Clinical Signs:
Acute Abdominal Pain
Series Editor and Contributor: Bernard Karnath, MD
Contributor: William Mileski, MD

Case Reports:
A Dangerous Encounter with Naphthalene
Jason M. Haffizulla, MD, Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, Kristin D. Haffizulla, and Laurence H. Beck, MD

Treatment of Fibrothorax Using Intrapleural Tissue Plasminogen Activator
Christopher T. Strzalka, MD, and Mark F. Yost, MD

Letters to the Editor:
Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Zeyad Morcos, MD

Fibromyalgia Syndrome
Lorraine S. Roth, MD, Muhammad B. Yunus, MD, and Fatma Inanici, MD

Rx Update:
Avapro, Hepsera, Inspra

Infectious Diseases Update:
Failure of Macrolide Therapy in Patients with Bacteremic Pneumococcal Infection

Peginterferon Alfa-2a plus Ribavirin for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

SEN Virus Prevalence, Transmission, and Treatment

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Code Blue Stories:
Taking Care of Doris
Raul Laguarda, MD, FCCP

Self-Assessment in Emergency Medicine:
Management of Trauma Patients: Review Questions
David B. Levy, DO, FAAEM, FACEP

Self-Assessment in Hematology:
Bleeding Disorders: Review Questions
Richard S. Stein, MD, FACP

Review Questions:
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Mark W. Russo, MD, MPH, and Ira M. Jacobson, MD

December 2002 - Volume 38, Number 12

Clinical Review Articles:
Treatment and Prevention of Malaria: An Update
Judith E. Wolf, MD

Biochemical Markers of Myocardial Ischemia in Renal Failure
Golam K. Alam, MD, and David B. Lieb, MD

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Algorithms: Changes and Current American Heart Association Recommendations
Joseph Varon, MD, FACP, FCCM, FCCP, Robert E. Fromm, Jr, MD, MPH, FACP, FCCP, FCCM, and Federico Vallejo-Manzur, MD

Outcomes-Based Practice:
A 35-Year-Old Woman with Somatic Symptoms
Case Study and Commentary: Robyn K. Goshorn, MD, FACP, and Elizabeth A. Rice, MD
Introduction by Series Editor: Bryan A. Liang, MD, PhD, JD

Rx Update:
Avandamet, Pegasys, Suboxone and Subutex

Infectious Diseases Update:
Metapneumovirus and Acute Respiratory Tract Infection

Cat-Scratch Disease and Lymphadenopathy of the Head and Neck

Effects of Protease Inhibitors on Atherosclerosis in Patients Infected with HIV-1

Series Editor: Jihad Slim, MD

Self-Assessment in Pediatric Medicine:
Pediatric Toxicology: Review Questions
Muhammad Waseem, MD

Self-Assessment in Rheumatology:
Rheumatologic Disease in the Spine: Review Questions
Janet Burkholder-Krommes, MD

Code Blue Stories:
A Christmas Story
Steven J. Schwartz, MD

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