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You seek to ensure the delivery of quality care in the face of mounting pressures to contain costs. Measurement, accountability, data, and research are the watchwords of the day.

Turner White Communications, Inc. offers a range of resources to help health system decision makers meet the challenges of managing outcomes and improving quality of care. Turner White is committed to providing the information and tools you need to succeed.


Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management
The new era of managed care, with its focus on measurement and accountability, has stimulated great interest in outcomes-based medicine. Providing care that results in the best achievable outcomes, including health-related quality of life and patient satisfaction, has become an explicit and critical goal of managed care practice.

JCOM is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to helping physicians and managed care decision makers improve outcomes of care. Published monthly, JCOM’s original research articles, reviews, and commentary examine the impact of health care services and products on the health of patients and populations and provide information to inform evidence-based practice.

Web-Based resources

Journal Articles
Search the index of full-text JCOM articles published as of January 1999.

Outcomes Research in Review
Access JCOM’s monthly feature consisting of abstracts of outcomes studies with commentary.

Physician Education

Seminars in Medical Practice
This peer-reviewed journal is dedicated to helping residents and fellows prepare for clinical practice in the evolving health care system. Articles focus on the competencies required for accreditation of graduate medical education programs and for board certification. Search for full-text articles.

Hospital Physician
This peer-reviewed journal is devoted to the educational needs of the resident and hospital staff physician. Through concise yet comprehensive clinical reviews, case reports, and discussions, Hospital Physician seeks to provide its readers with the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to participate successfully in the rapidly changing environment of hospital-based training and practice. Search for full-text articles.

Hospital Physician Board Review Manuals
These up-to-date resources in 26 specialties and subspecialties are ideal for physicians studying for Board certification or recertification examinations. The manuals are developed by leading clinical educators with experience in residency or fellowship training who understand the needs of physicians preparing for the Boards.

Test Yourself
Physicians can review important diagnostic tools of physical examination with Review of Clinical Signs, Hospital Physician’s series that highlights clinical signs commonly seen in general medical practice.

Hospital Physician’s Self-Assessment Questions and Hospital Physician Board Review Manual's Interactive Questions allow physicians to test their knowledge of a wide range of medical specialties and subspecialties.



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