Part 6: Traumatic Brain Injury: Rehabilitation Neurology

Question 4

Questions 4 & 5 Refer to the Following Case:

    A 25-year-old computer programmer is referred for neurologic consultation 3 months after he sustained a moderately severe closed head injury after falling off a bicycle. After improving over the prior 3 months, the patient has made an attempt to return to working. However, he complains that he is unable to sustain his work even half time. His primary difficulty is that he feels “foggy” and unable to maintain concentration after 2 hours of work, and this is particularly a problem after meetings.

    The neurologist’s interview and evaluation would attempt to rule out which of the following as potentially reversible contributors to his symptoms?
  •  Antiepileptic medications
  •   Cerebral edema
  •   Diffuse axonal injury
  •   Muscular fatigue

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