Part 1: Transfusion Medicine

Thomas G. DeLoughery, MD, FACP

Professor of Medicine, Pathology, and Pediatrics, Division of Hematology/Medical Oncology, Knight Cancer Center, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, and Division of Laboratory Medicine, Department of Pathology, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR.

Question 2

A patient who was admitted to the intensive care unit for a major gastrointestinal bleed receives a red cell transfusion. One hour after the transfusion, he complains of severe dyspnea. Over the next 30 minutes he develops respiratory failure and fevers with a chest x-ray showing infiltrates. He is intubated, but over the next 24 hours he improves and is extubated in 48 hours. What reaction is this scenario consistent with?

  •   Acute hemolytic reaction
  •   Allergic reaction
  •   Delayed hemolytic transfusion reaction
  •   Transfusion graft-versus-host disease
  •   Transfusion-related acute lung injury

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